As a writer and director, Will is as comfortable moulding the creative for a film as he is cutting the end result. For years he would self-shoot, but as budgets grew, he has been able to work with some fantastic DPs, and focus completely with the talent on-screen.

Having trained at the respectable Webber Douglas Academy, Will is used to working with actors, and converting which ever existential crisis they may be experiencing into excellent performance!

Will’s ability as a writer is the bedrock on which all of this sits; he loves coming up with ideas, and would happily do this all day, but sadly he needs to eat.

What this boils down to is that Will is a film-director with a broad skill-set from writing and directing to editing (and referring to himself in the 3rd person) and you should contact him immediately*

At the moment, Will is working with...

- BAFTA nominated producer, Julia Nottingham, on a psychological thriller, Small’s Rock. 
- The family of Carl-Gustaf Von Rosen on an epic film based on his activities in Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War. 

Recently, Will finished...

- A new comedy short film, The Short Of It, which screened at Leeds International Film Festival in 2018 with more to come. 
- Working on a prison escape drama with LA based director Tom Dey.  

Will has TV and film projects bubbling under all the time, so if you are a producer get in touch, who knows what common ground you will find.

*Seriously, you can call of the search. It’s done.