Director, Writer.

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Doin’ the right thing
Music Video. Childhood
Clapton, UK
Beautiful tune from Irish modular synth collective, Moons Delux, and a story about growing up wrong, and trying to do right. Shot in a house unchanged since the late 1960s just before it was gutted for renovation. 

Documentary. Street photography.
New York, USA.

Photographer Oli Kellet; his work, his process, his solemn commitment to standing for hours on end, prone. As a surfer waits for waves so Oli waits for people. 

The Eyes of Others

Short Film. Modern Life.

London, UK.

A private rebellion; what goes through the mind in that split-second of resistance? 'The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages’.

The North Face

Fashion Film, Copy.    


Wrote a poem and made a film for The North Face.

The Short Of It

Short film. Lust, Comedy, Decision making.

Hampshire, UK.

A dark comedy about finding love in all the wrong places, about lust and spurious decision making. Starring comedy  Dustin Demri-Burns and Emily Bevan. 


Documentary. Politics, Community

Hartlepool, UK.

Dyke House in Hartlepool is one of the very poorest, and least socially mobile wards in any city in Europe. In this film we discovered a ray of sunshine, and a community organisation fighting back against the blunt instruments of state with love, care, and attention. 
New Economics Foundation

Documentary. Politics, Coastal communities.
Eastbourne, UK.
With ever decreasing access to their own marina, and an ancient way of life under threat; one fisherman fights against duplicitous developers and the tides of change. 

Parkinsons UK
Documentary. Disease, family.
London, UK.
Film about my father and his ‘tedious disease’, namely Parkinsons. A disease that has slowly but surely taken over not only his life but that of those who love him too.

Seedlip, Balvenie, Drambuie, Tullamore...
UK & Europe

An assortment of work for drinks brands from shot in recent years.

Nice To Meet You
Short Film. Crime, sexual fantasy.
London, UK.

Early film with Jamie Dornan as a sexually deviant criminal psychopath.

Wrangler, Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Selfridges...

Fashion Films

UK, USA, Europe

Selection of work from fashion films over the years.
London, England.